when all stars die, where do they go?

it can be frightening to know that sometime, every starry in the galaxy will eventually cease to exist. when you look up at night, you can rely on the fact that there's billions of shining stars glittering the night sky. people have created shapes from the dots, bears, spoons, centaurs, and fish. they let these shapes and especially brightest stars guide them through the night, to their destination. what will humanity do without that glimmering hope? that sense of wonder and connection to something bigger than us? something that's been there since the dawn of time? most importantly, what happens after they burn out?

however, stars never completely cease. once their time runs out as a shining speckle of brilliant light, they either implode on themselves and become a black hole, or they explode and become a beautiful galactical painting of matter and space dust.

stars don't die, they become rebirthed as another part of the universe.